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poached eggs and cantaloupe. movies this afternoon. sunny out, but cold. weeks are racing by.

howdy. so i'm okay. have just dropped off the radar for a bit. living with danamo... sucks. but is fine most of the time. work is all-consuming, shooting 3 videos before christmas. working tomorrow, on 3 other jobs. plans for the future shaping though, this week has been a turning point of sorts; will discuss when it's all settled.
it's getting cold here. frost on the cars this morning, scarf and gloves. i'm sorry if we haven't been in touch lately. things are a bit tough, but if i put my head down and plow through i'll make it through just fine. rest assured i'm doin' alright for myself, and having fun when i can with it. here's hoping things are good where you are, and that we'll be in touch soon. rock.

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