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this week
i'm working nights cutting a video for checkmate (rapper). today was there all day too, and will be in all weekend, but this video kicks ass. did not build furniture on sunday but bought all the wood, so will try and squeeze that in sunday before awards (charlie kaufman deserves this!). off today; wasn't really at an age to appreciate the last televised war, so this one's something new. it's all so wrong.

i'm going to build this tomorrow (actually later today). it will be 26" high - go home depot!

not talking about the weather
there are six telephones in our house!

she blinded me with it
yesterday it snowed. nothing stuck around until today, but when i went to sleep last night there was a white dusting over the world, and i wished for a storm.
today it drizzled. like it will tomorrow. i've decided the weather here is just stupid - people rant and rave about how wonderful it is, how temperate and lovely things are year round... well that's just bullshit. vancouver has THE MOST BORING weather of any place i've ever lived. yes, in the summer it's always sunny and nice, and not too hot. in the winter it rains some but it rarely snows and never gets too cold. and people seem to love this. but COME ON - where's the PERSONALITY? there's NEVER a good thunderstorm - just politely miserable drizzle. every now and then, isn't it nice when the sky opens up and shouts at you, flashing and crackling, and pounds the world with fat anvils of rain? feeling the air get sharper on a summer evening, or going to bed at night and waking up to three feet of perfect snow - it isn't for everyone, but ONCE AND A WHILE it's kind of nice. no one here even knows what it means when you say 'snow day' - how important those words are to an 8 year old kid. the weather in vancouver is complacent and dull, always the same, blue sky in summer, white sky in winter, teperature usually 5 to 25 degrees, rarely more or less of anything. [side note - what is HTML code for 'degree' sign? must find out]. and this winter it hasn't even rained much - it's just white-grey-cold, all the time. it would just be nice to have some variety.
i guess it did snow yesterday. that was pretty bitchin'.

march. wow. david, i'm ignoring you :)
big dinner tonight, to celebrate monday. days are long, stretch into weekends. time flows together like crazy. will take a couple of days off when current projects finish. then work until summer, take a week or so off to zip around the country. maybe a weekend in toronto in between. direct something in late summer or fall, spec spot or video or maybe a short. work through next year, christmas in ottawa, then maybe next spring or fall take off. morocco and tokyo in one go, over a month or more. other places if it's right. probably by myself, so i have to interact. maybe find something to say. then make films.
or something.

eat me