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a man approached me in the mall today. about my age, smalish, dressed casual. asked how old i was first, my name, where i'm from. explains he's just moved from toronto, 3 weeks ago. works with street kids, educated at ryerson (not knowing i went there - he's pleased with the coincidence). came to vancouver because of the drug problem, figures lots of kids to help. got drunk at a club/lounge on the weekend, lost his wallet with ID & bank cards. 'don't worry, i'm not asking you for money,' keeps using my name (he's Sean). no job yet, but former employer owes one more payment - rather than direct deposit (the usual), Sean has a cheque sent out here - but no ID, he can't cash it! not at Money Mart, only at his home branch in toronto. so if he signs cheque over to me, will i cash it? he'll give me $20 of it. which bank am i? there's a BMO just down the mall. i ask how much the cheque is for, $980. my limit is $500 - well Sean will meet me here (or elsewhere) tomorrow for the rest. we've walked to the bank. the cheque looks (is) real - a community centre in North York. made out to Sean White, who's signed the back. he hands me a deposit envelope. i borrow a kiosk pen and write down all the info from the cheque, and the manager's name (Todd), which Sean offers up with the phone number. after hours, can't check out employer or talk to bank until tomorrow. have talked about scams with him and says he's not like that, he's for real. i do not want to lose $500. Sean asks me to trust him (again). i offer $200. i can lose $200, i can not lose $500. but this is his cheque, he's taking a risk on me - i said $500, how about half? he has to trust me. i might walk with his money, let's do half. again, offer $200, he won't do it. says never mind, backs away, takes (from me) the envelope on which i've written the cheque information. vanishes into the mall, does not shake my hand.
though in hindsight obviously a scam, at the time this was very convincing. friendly, he talked a lot and was sincere; am pleased though to have heard him out and called his bluff. odd mood for a while though, thinkings about trust n such.
dinner was soda crackers stacked with lil honey, swiss, plum, & avacado. colourful and mad flavourz. spoke to a friend in TO today who's going to 'SARSSTOCK' tomorrow - that's gonna be something, eh?

parking lot under skytrain tracks, just near my house on the way to the bus each morning.

mildly wasted
home now from drinks w/ the ilustrious mr. brownlee, good to see persons familiar in far-off vancouver. prior, an eye appointment; no new contacts till friday, whence i try two new pairs - apparently this will continue until i find the perfect set, which i quite like. maybe these things needn't be sons of satan in my eyes after all.
tonight actually said aloud before considering another pitcher, 'i don't have anything on tomorrow,' then caught myself; 'no... i have work, at 9am; a client screening...' - advertising, though it is my living and professional life, it would seem has little priority in the scheme of things.
must be careful. this could get me fired.

shot a spec spot with the fk boys yesterday, outside all day got wikkid sunburn (possibly sunstroke.. came home and phased in and out of consciousness in front of the TV). got contacts early last week, wore all day for the first time and everything seemed to go fine; real nice to be able to wear sunglasses and see details at the same time. unfortunately... must've lost one during the day - come 5 o'clock was ready to take em out; one came fine but the other... pulled and poked, showered and rinsed, fingers in my eye all over until finally determined lens was lost... and that i'd spent half an hour trying to pull out the surface of my eye. still a bit sore.

right, about that
so right, this week. flew by sorta. summer now, which i'm really enjoying.
working a great deal. not particularily enjoying that. spring cleaning seems to have pattered off some, so nown i'm cutting mini-docs on diversity in vancouver. some interesting, some obtuse and boring. also re-cutting a spot for circle, contact-lens solution. these two plus day-to-day stuff should take me through july. also may be doing EPK's for local bands, if the FK boys hook it up. we shall see
in august think i'll leave cycle 9-5. 2nd week should see me back in ontario, a few days in T. then a week or so in ottawa. following this dan and i drive back to bc together, taking our time and seeing the country right. arriving here looks like i may be moving again, as there's not quite room in this house for a fourth and dan needs a roof. he and i get a place, which could be good. much as i enjoy it here, the realatively lax lifestyle is rubbing off on me and robbing me of my ambition somewhat. in the fall my goal is to work freelance for circle/cycle/FK on a job by job basis, and develop my own project in the downtime. i've had an idea, a helluvan idea, and i think it's time to do it. lots of research, and will probbaly take me a year to get to production once the script is done, but this could be the one. will post updates as they come, script exerpts when they're ready.
this weekend has been resting. saw blonde redhead on friday, amazing. saturday 'hulk' and 'winged migration.' yesterday got contact lenses (arranged prior to cutting ad)... scary things, putting in eyes. we shall see. today not much, quiet canada day. no fireworks, due to 'crowd control issues' - sars scare is giving city an excuse to not spend money on festivities - city budget for next 10 years is pretty well blown on olympic bid.
realized recently that i've been brought up heavily on television, and now working in the industry it's like i can see the strings... leading to minor personal crisis. television programs are the stuff you watch between the commercials, not vice versa. has lead to the realization that i'm really working up the wrong side of the business. things'll have to change.

eat me