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back now, winding (wound) down. full rundown at sometime, lots of images. 8 days, good drive; canada rox. in town sunday night, chill for a few days. wednesday jeff's brother curt and friend dave arrive for shows. much beer food and merriment thursday, with dan and i six people altogether. friday show; dandy warhols (bonus!), wilco and rem; really, really fantastic. last night the jicks and radiohead, also grand, never disappointed with oxfordites. rem show had a lot of heart, a big farewell of sorts to vancouver; they've been living here for 2 years. lots of requests and thom came out at the end, real cool.
packing today, moving tomorrow, back to work tuesday. new apartment is half block away, seems like a good space. big bedrooms, 2 bathroom, balcony, parking, rock. hate moving but should be able to stay put a while with this one. work will be crazy, at least 2 videos to bring to completion in next few weeks, plus everything i left behind weeks ago (5 PSAs, 2 spec spots, a website and a dvd design - oh hell). combine with all the administrative and organizational crap that comes with moving and i should be kinda busy over the next while.
however, i am calm and relatively relaxed. it's been a week, i'm exhausted, but much needed vacation was not in vain, and much energy tension released in weekend of rock. have regained focus somewhat. hope y'all are good, more when i can. once again, wish me luck team... go moving!

11:12 (bc)
yesterday i began my vacation. at work costume & makeup tests for a spot with clowns, so clowns everywhere, clowns in coats, clowns in hats, dwarf clowns and clowns on stilts - turn of the century clowns to boot, made for a surreal environment. also a wrangler walking round with some kind of south-american monkey-cat on his shoulder.
dinner w/ kelly, her birthday, then fireworks to close out - international fireworks festival happening in vancouver now; beijing was pretty cool. home to finish packing, i've brought my clothes, cds, and 4 cameras - that's about it. watch latenite, Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for governor of california - he announced it on the tonight show and used 'hasta la vista baby!' in a speech directed at gray davis. gary coleman's running too - what the hell's going on?
on a plane now, still about halfway between vancouver n ottawa. home tonight for a week of social relaxation and recouping, should be good. then dan and i fire off across the coutry in a camry named Optimus. two weeks to get where we're going, back in bc in time for wilco, rem, steve malkmus and radiohead in one weekend - we drive for rock! wish us luck.

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