_nothing new ever happens to me.
_still, decided to inaugurate the moth with an entry - felt more than a little obligated.
_work flies by - putting up new signs and movies all day. e-mail from film school says i need to send a tape of my film, so better make plans to whip it into shape right quick.
_another e-mail from a quasi stranger - always good surprises.
_is it a leap year?
_21 in 9. only minor terror. when did birthdays start being a different kind of big deal? am i old?
_1 february 2000.
_it is a leap year. how exciting. and happy groundhog day. how did that tradition start?
_had something really good to write earlier on today but now it's gone.
_finished writing book one of mighty guy's happy hour issue 8 - 29 pages of script - not to shabby for someone who hasn't written the book in almost 2 years. this is just book one, too - there will be 2 or three parts. dave wants to draw on 11 x 17 paper. epic.
_just got interrupted mid-entry - had to go pick up eddie's melodramatic girlfriend from her home and bring her here - apparently arguing with her mother and couldn't stand the heat. fuckin kids.
_when did i get so bitter?
_21 in 8. ugh.
_2 february 2000.
_too tired and nothing to say but need to update cause it's been too long.
_had the day off to go to the mall and do mailings and shoppings - hazledean mall near my home for closeness and nostalgia... and had one of the saddest experiences in recent memory.
_i seem to have ignored the fact that as the community i live in had been growing thriving forwards upwards into better future... the community that i grew up in has been slowly dying.
_stores which have reinvented themselves ten times seem to be closed for good. few patrons walk the 70s brown brick laminate halls. the bookstore i bought my first novel in having a going out of business sale, selling everything cheap and the shelving units too. talked to adolescent animals in the pet store, fast outgrowing their sellability factor. even zellers, once department giant, shows signs of wear uinbefitting of a walmart competitor.
_bought some books and had some onion rings and tried to tell myself that it's okay... that this happens, that malls die.
_may sound stupid but i almost cried.
_7 february 2000.
_Death Race 2000: "It's the year 2000 - and hit and run driving is the national sport!
_"At the turn of the Twenty-first Century, America's population has been dulled by years of war and economic depression. The only thrill left is the Annual Transcontinental Death Race, in which all pedestrians are fair game and the winning driver needs not only the quickest time but also the highest body count...
_"The hero of the Death Race is Frankenstein, survivor of three deadly crashes, outfitted with a complete set of prosthetic devices, and played by David Carradine (star of television's Kung-Fu). His chief challenger is Machine Gun Joe Viterbo, played by Sylvester Stallone, celebrated for his portrayal of the Academy-Award winning Rocky. Together with the other competitors - Calamity Jane Kelly, Mathilda "the Hun" Morris and Nero "the Hero" Lonigan - Frankenstein and Machine Gun Joe roar across the country in specially designed cars, equipped with machine guns, claws and bayonets, and assisted by navigators of the opposite sex."
_i swear i did not make any of that up - quoted word for word.
_this was the best movie ever.
_8 february 2000. (happy birthday jas).
_soup (cauliflower and cheese) this morning instead of traditional bagel with swiss cheese. a fine change for a snowy day.
_made paper stars watched a sappy movie.
_last day of youth. think i'm fine with it.
_9 february 2000.
_10 february 2000.
_television sucks, except when it's very good - good tv makes me glad to be here.
_assembled today a book of nearly every movie stub i've gathered since 1996 - 161 stubs and that's mostly 98-99... a slow day, as one can imagine.
_fighting with dan - both angry with little things that shouldn't matter but do... hope it goes away soon.
_tomorrow the first step to film school - drop off negs to make new tapes to recut horror film to get into new school.
_dealing with adulthood - decided it's a phase and will pass eventually.
_still don't know the rules to "the game" - out friday for excellent alaska show and drinking and dancing... thought i was flirting shamelessly with a girl, who after some time casually mentioned a serious boyfriend. when she got up to go pee, margot told me, "that's shelly... she drinks a lot."
_jeff later informs me of the rules: "the rules are this: if it seems like she's attracted to you, and you're attracted to her, then she's dating someone else."
_just now somehow managed to get a splinter in the bottom of my big toe - attempting to pull it out with tweezers now...
_that really hurt. here's a scan of the little fucker though...
_ showed him.
_more updates to come soon - ideas are forming.
_listen to moby late at night - s'very soothing... even when you are pulling jagged chunks of wood from your toes.
_trivia: in the MS spellcheck, the closest word to "fucker" is "Fuqua"
_13 february 2000.
_in lew (sp?) of the oscar nods, i've elected to write a chunk on film this year. it's not a complete view, and it's real opinionated, but it's here if you wanna read. but since i just wrote all that, i haven't much else to say today.
_think we're going to boston in like 2 days... maybe i should make sure we have a map or something.
_16 february 2000.
_again nothing much to say, but going away tomorrow so figure i should write something.
_excited for trip to cambridge to see friend from ago, and to see new lands far and hopefully warmer. bought film today and am packing the super8, just in case ;)
_went out with danamo to make a snowman but snow was too cold and dry so we just played and pushed like 5yearolds and it was real neat fun.
_back tuesday eve - full report to come then-ish.
_18 february 2000.
_even though the site's down i had to post today since it's a magic special rarest of rare day.
_trip to Boston was grand though strenuous - more later.
_came home and got sick and missed fun. working alot.
_just got film transfers back and $130 bucks later i'm assembling the zombie flick on my digital movie machine using software i don't fully understand but really like doing it anyways. good to be cutting again.
_back to emailing with the ultimate girl i can't have - think it'll be okay though...
_different girl from the past has resurfaced and is working in bagel store next to my video store. she brought me coffee and i brought her a smartie block. i think we're flirting, but hesitate to even say that much. rules are still a mystery... chr*is refers to it as "the game"... sigh. smile on me.
_trying hard to come up with massive update for the site but so far only a concept in mind... wondering how to stream video or write Java. hmph. this may be last update for a while but join mailing list to be informed of what follows.
_this day is charged like no others and that makes me glow inside.
_29 february 2000.