_and so ptwf online finds it's end. well, maybe not the absolute end, but things have taken a few turns and i think i have to take a break from this. it's not like i've been writing that frequently anyhow, and just might be back in no time... but for now think i have to go away. get life back on track and all that. at the very least, find the track. y'know?
_but thank you all for reading, and do check back from time to time should the interest find you. i'm sure i can't stay away forever. if nothing else i'll probably let loose on ftg when things are up to full speed again, and in the meantime may just fill up this space more upon occasion. email is always here if you really wanna know what's up.
_so do take care of yourself, and if possible think of me fondly now and then. i'll be sure and let you know how it all turns out.


thought i'd have somthing to say

_but really don't. going through ordeals. can't go to ottawa. listening to chopin. reading philip roth and steven wolfram. just watched waking life. fielding the vague possibility of new and different job, but still is only a rough lead to follow. weather is nice and i have no stylish shorts. tired often. drawing again... haven't drawn for a few months now. not really.