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_this font might be waaay too hard to fead. think i'll inevitably end up using arial. with verdana headers. that's the shit.
_morning now. worked until midnight on these olympic interview clips i'm cutting (which yesterday i found out must be finished before i leave here... 2 days!). so it just may kill me. but we'll see. for those interested, i work here. please do not request a reel to be mailed to you.
_going back there now. happy because pretty receptionist broke up with boyfriend on monday. i'm back in the game, baby.

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_invited by pretty new receptionist to a christmas party. don't want to go (because i am antisocial boob), but said i would and have vowed to myself to at least make some effort to find a woman (again, at least when a pretty one comes up and asks me out). so i go. great party. at her boyfriend's house. kill me. and instead of sticking around for an hour and (wisely) leaving politely, i drink a bottle (and a half) of wine and make lots of new friends (i think). and then today i died... slowly. headache, falling asleep at the avid, awful awful nausea. think i may've actually abused my body to the point that last night all hell broke loose, and i cought something vicious. linds says it's a "rhino virus" - and that right now there are like billions of little viruses inside me, doing god-knows-what. i feel very very dirty.
_on the upside, i'm felling better now, and will sleep soon. and i'm really excited about chris