The most powerful Wizard alive lives alone in an apartment in Kitsilano. He's buried himself in demons, isolated from the world, cut off from his soul. His best friend and familiar has recently passed on, and a fresh cycle of entropy threatens to consume him. Alone and afraid, his heart begins to grow cold. I am going to help him.
    In his heart, the Wizard carries a beam which holds all creation. He knows it is his strength, burden, and trajectory. In clearer moments, it is simply The Way. The man's node is a central one, and many alive share his ideals. His Christhood is strong - and so he struggles. His worlds, above and below, proceed along a precipice. He wonders with some occasion if these worlds might not better well without him. That an unreliable hand seems unfit to hold the beam. These wonders I will help him dispel. We are too far along for hysterics.
    In its humblest incarnation, the beam leads to Family. To organization and contentment. To fulfillment in community and purpose. In its most grandiose brightness, our Wizard's beam holds the blueprint for a new humanity. Working together, I'll help him to actualize some of this. He'll be a great teacher. He'll be a great Dad.
    Still, now the Wizard hides out in his cave. Buffeted by demons - claws and fear, vampires and succubi and all that is dark. There seems merit in keeping him out of the war. To solve his immediate problems, to vanquish these demons, is to take up arms and rock the very foundations of his being. To believe, not just in himself but in everyone -- well, let's not get too far along. Let's just start with the Wizard believing in Himself. When The Wizard really believes in Himself, then endless possibilities unfurl.
    This is going to be a lot of work. Let's get to it.


    Transmission was good, for a time. I put aside occult concerns and focused on the post-production business. We expanded our space and brought on two more editors. One shoot for Jordan brought us to Las Vegas. Bob's crew travelled the world shooting a pride documentary. Production was expanding and we were talking about movies.
    In late 2008 the economy crashed, and our fearless founders fled the country. Kristian went to LA and Oliver to the Cayman Islands. Transmission was downgraded to Joe and I in one room. We kept working, having connected with a small agency who liked us for MGD Global.
    In 2010 I travelled to the jungle for my first ayahuasca ceremonies.


Le Monde
    In Spring 2006, despondent with the advertising world, I self-initated into an occult model as the magician Bradley Alphabet. A year later I left my job in Toronto and fled to reconvene in Athens, Ontario. In June 2007, I retuned to Vancouver and began work with a production startup, Transmission.


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